Ningbo Meishan Aviation Industrial Park

Why Enter China’s Aviation Industry?

China’s rapidly expanding aviation industry presents many opportunities for U.S. exporters, particularly in the market for aircraft parts; sales; training and maintenance. U.S. companies are well positioned to export high quality aircraft parts to meet the demand of China’s ever growing fleet of aircraft. Airlines, distributors, aircraft manufacturers and subassembly operations, as well as maintenance and repair companies, and training all represent viable market entry channels.

Opportunities and Trends

- China’s import market for aircraft parts and components is valued at more than $1 billion and has quadrupled in size over the past 10 years.

- By 2025, China is expected to increase its fleet by 1500 commercial aircraft.  Nearly three quarters of new purchases will include regional jets and single-aisle aircraft, with the remainder including twin-aisle passenger aircraft for long-haul flights and other larger aircraft to serve China’s expanding cargo industry.

Source: US Department of Commerce, Commercial Services.

why is Meishan the Place for Aviation?

Meishan Free Trade Port Zone, the 5th national free trade port zone in China approved by the National Government is of the same rank as the famous Yangshan Port in Shanghai and Yangu Port in Hainan Province. It is by far one of the most open and special economic zones in China with the most preferential policies and most complete functions. More about Meishan>


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