Mrs. Eileen Eileen W Kairianja serves as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer, of Yilaime Corporation, Kenya Ltd, our newest International Office.

Eileen is a multi-dimensional talented executive:

A product of Loreto Limuru high school, graduate of Univetsity of Nairobi BA SociologyRegal, Constellation College Toronto Canada, studied hospitality and thereafter ran Shanzu village  hotel in Mombasa., University of Nairobi, MA medical sociology.-(on going).

Director Py_rex east Africa Ltd. Director , Norwood East Africa ltd.

Eileen is a staunch christian married with 3 children. She values integrity, quality and efficiency. Eileen believes it is possible to bridge the trade imbalance poised by China in the world  by exporting to China thus the reason she puts all her energy into passing info onto the  macro and micro entrepreneurs in a bid to have them grow their businesses to acceptable levels whereby sustaining livelihood is no longer a struggle.