The Opportunity

$4.8 trillion increase in global spending on consumer goods

Over the next 10 years, global spending on consumer goods is expected to increase by $4.8 trillion, from $7.3 trillion in 2010 to $12.1 trillion in 2020.

China will account for a stunning 36 percent of global growth in consumer spending during this period. 

US President Barack Obama’s National Export Initiative, announced in January 2010, aims to double total U.S. exports by 2014—a target that requires at least a 15 percent average growth rate per year for five years. China is among the countries for which U.S. exports have exceeded the global annual average growth rate of 18% in the initiative’s first two years. China is the only major American export market that consistently exceeds 15% growth.


To take advantage of this opportunity we provide a USA based and China based inbound import Trade Center to meet the growing demand by Chinese  citizens for more consumer goods.