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What if you had known about Apple, Microsoft, or Google in the beginning?

What if you had known about these great stocks in the beginning and you were in on the ground floor? Then a 13.5% Cash Dividend on your investment or a deal returning $4.52 for every $1 invested wouldn't seem far fetched.

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  • Receive cash dividends of 13.5%
  • Participate in growth of the company and its cash-flow
  • Get ownership in two companies for the price of one
  • Use a little known law to save and reduce your taxes on dividends
  • Receive a 40% Internal Rate of Return on your money

Upon exit you can:

  • Receive for every $1 invested $4.52
  • Convert 1 share of preferred stock to 5 shares of common
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We export "made in America" goods and services to China


  • China's demand for "American made" products exceeds the supply.

Our Solution:

  • Develop Three US Exporting Trade Centers in the USA;
  • A US Free Trade Center in Ningbo Meishan China, and
  • three Chinese langauge websites focused on 450 million Chinese online consumers.

Business to Buisness -

  • US Import Free Trade Center in Meishan Ninbgo China serves as a central distribution point marketing US made goods throughout China.
Come join us. We are making our own,“What if …. and in the beginning.”

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Targeting over 450 million Chinese online consumers.

Well for us it is the beginning.

We project for early shareholders a 13.5% cash dividend, an internal rate of return of 40%, and the return of $4.52 for each dollar invested. We think this is ambitious - yet doable. Our goal is to capture the imagination, hearts, and pocketbooks of a half a billion consumers in China using three simple words “made in America.”


Answering Your Questions
We understand that you may have more questions regarding this opportunity. The Investor's Kit contains answers to many common questions about the investment opportunity.

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