Who says that all China does is export?

Las Vegas, NV Sept 24, 2013 - China is now importing more from the US than ever before according to the US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, with exports up 542 percent since early 2000. Yilaime Corporation a US Company and China’s Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Authority are working together to keep it that way with Yilaime Corporation opening an Import Trade Center in China.

Yilaime Corporation with the support of Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Authority is opening an Import Trade Center in China. The Center imports “made in America” goods and services into China. The Center’s purpose is to build a long-term foundation helping US small businesses provide their products to China’s middle and upper income consumers while increasing jobs in the US. 

US companies in China drive exports to China. According to the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, nearly 60% of “all US exports to China come from businesses that operate in China.” 

The Center provides businesses with an operational presence in China helping US companies increase employment, sales, and exports. The Center also supports US Cities and municipalities that want to build trade ties with China, boost exports or attract investments.

The Import Trade Center – the first of its kind -opens in Ningbo Meishan Island China in late November 2013. The Center has over 18,000 sq. ft. of exhibition and showroom space; 3000 plus sq. ft. of warehouse space; and office facilities. At the Center, local Chinese marketing specialist called Evangelist help US businesses market and promote their products. 

According to Yilaime’s CEO, Alton Perkins who recently lived and worked in China for over 3 years, trading with US and Chinese businesses

“before spending a lot of money on inventory, people, or other expenses related to exporting, businesses can first test their products in the market and get help finding buyers.”  

Buyers are lined up for agricultural and dairy products, wine, hospital and farm equipment, senior care and children products, luxury items such as aircraft and yachts, and even projects or EB5 investments. For a complete export list visit www.usaexportstochina.com/exports/.

Meishan Free Trade Port is like a Free Trade Zone in overdrive. The Port receives the most preferential policies and tax incentives. The Center can help trim costs for US businesses entering the Chinese market. According to a US Commercial Services staff report, conducting business in an area like Meishan’s Free Trade Port “can save US businesses anywhere from 5 to 30%.”

Additionally, US businesses through Chinese language websites will be able to market directly to over 530 million Chinese consumers on-line.

Visit www.usaexportstochina.com for more information about the Trade Center and how you can export to China and www.usaexportstochina.com/mv-1 for details on Meishan.

About Yilaime Corporation
Yilaime Corporation (www.yilaimeiusa.com) is an export trade company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with offices in Hong Kong, and Meishan Island Ningbo China.

About Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Authority

Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Authority located in Ningbo Meishan on the eastern coast of China. The aim of Meishan is to become the main hub for importing “USA made” goods into China. Ningbo Meishan Island is located in one of the wealthiest Provinces (Zhejiang) in China. The Port combines all the features of different types of Free Trade Zones making it a super Bonded Free Trade Zone.

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