Service Fee Annual


Service Fee Annual

4,999.99 5,999.99

Annual Master Export Plan  * Save 33% *

  • Seller Evangelist Service
  • Product Selection
  • Samples and Test Market
  • Program
  • Product Market Demand
  • Buyer Match
  • Marketing Program
  • Distribution Network
  • Exhibition/Showroom Center
  • Bonded Duty Free
  • Purchase Orders
  • Pricing Assistance
  • Payment Processing
  • Funds Remitted in USD
  • Labeling Support
  • Translate Products Service
  • Export Certification Assistance
  • Customs & Inspection Compliance
  • Follow on Orders
  • Buyer Financial Assistance
  • Seller Insurance and Financing
  • Duty Free Warehouse Program
  • Follow on Customer Service
  • Boots on the Ground Business Program

See: Exporters Service Agreement for responsibilities and obligations.

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