State, City and Local Representation


State, City and Local Representation

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State/City Presence Plan

  • Let China know that your State/City or local is open for investments.
  • Presence in Meishan and Shanghai Office
  • Support Translation Support Outbound Project Investment
  • State/City Life Support
  • State, City and local governments have an opportunity to promote their location and specific projects.
  • The presence in the Peanut Building at Meishan allows different US governments and municipalities to have a presence in China.
  •  States and localities can take advantage of state of the art facilities and conference accommodations to display their projects and communities in a cost effective way.
  • Meishan resides in one of the wealthiest Provinces in China allowing different entities to promote their projects and communities to upper income citizens, institutions and investment companies.

See: Exporters Service Agreement for responsibilities and obligations.


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