Virginia Businesses Save even more

Click here to get the Virginia Special Discount

Click here to get the Virginia Special Discount

Annual Master Export Plan  * Save 33% *

  • Seller Evangelist Service
  • Product Selection
  • Samples and Test Market
  • Program
  • Product Market Demand
  • Buyer Match
  • Marketing Program
  • Distribution Network
  • Exhibition/Showroom Center
  • Bonded Duty Free
  • Purchase Orders
  • Pricing Assistance
  • Payment Processing
  • Funds Remitted in USD
  • Labeling Support
  • Translate Products Service
  • Export Certification Assistance
  • Customs & Inspection Compliance
  • Follow on Orders
  • Buyer Financial Assistance
  • Seller Insurance and Financing
  • Duty Free Warehouse Program
  • Follow on Customer Service
  • Boots on the Ground Business Program


Virginia Grown” Business Special Save 47%

When you join the US Trade Center to export your goods to China.

Exporting to China can be hard; Yilaime US Trade Center makes it easy.

Export your “made in the USA” goods and services to China without spending tons of money on staff, travel, inventory or worrying about buyers, payments, exchange rates, customs, inspections, regulations or language barriers.

New US Export Trade Center imports “made in America” goods and services to China and can help you export to China.