The Trading Platform

Import Trading Platform and Network

Our International Import Trade Platform focuses on importing goods into Mainland China and elsewhere. The trading platform consists of an exhibition center, showroom and display facilities, support office and staff located in the USA and China.  Additionally, the Trading Platform consist of a buyer’s network. The on-line platform supports exporter and buyer matching in our exhibition center, showroom and network. Layout of the USA Import Center.

Your Customers

The Exhibition, showroom and Trading Platform and on-line websites targets both Business-to-Business customers in China such as wholesalers, agents and resellers, as well as the end user or consumer in China. Within the consumer segment we offer two membership programs for customers: Our VIP Program and Our Luxury VIP Program.

Your Membership

Membership in the Trading Platform allows exporters to test market and sample their goods and services in China without significant expenditures, for inventory, human resources, or other expenditures normally associated with exporting activities.

The Platform is designed to save the exporter time, money, and other resources in testing the market to determine if a demand exists for your product or service in China. 

We use our state-of-the-art-facilities-  dedicated staff, and buyer’s network in China to help you promote, distribute and market your products and services in China. 

Import Sample and Test Program

The Import Sample and Test Market Program allows you to “test the market” and “demand” for your goods and services in China without spending a lot of time, money, human resources and other resources.

As an export platform member, you may send us samples of your products or services, brochures, videos, and other promotional and marketing materials for use, display and promotion at the exhibition center, showroom, and within the network. Normally, there are no taxes or custom charges for sample products and services.






In Good Hands - Evangelists

As an export platform member, you will have team members (Evangelists) in the USA and China assigned to help facilitate marketing, buyer matchmaking, and selling your products and services within the Platform and network. 

Leave The Technical Details to Us

As an export platform member you can leave most of the technical details to us including: helping you translate your product descriptions into Chinese; guidance on certifications required in the USA; assistance with certifications in China; clearance of  customs and inspections; marketing your products and services; finding qualified buyers; negotiating terms; finalizing purchase orders; collecting and converting your payments into US dollars.

Other Support Programs

In addition to Leaving the Technical Details to us, we have other programs with one purpose in mind, to help you use our Exhibition Center, Showroom, and Internet Trading network to make sales. The Buyer's financial Support Program, and Exporter's insurance products program designed to provide insurance and assistance in completing orders, and the matchmaking service are all designed to help you do one thing - get and deliver on orders.