Who we are

We are an Export Trade Company.

We are USA owned, registered and headquartered in the USA.

Yilaime Corporation is a privately held USA Corporation located in Nevada, Virginia and North Carolina USA.  It’s wholly owned subsidiary Yilaimei International Group Limited (HK) is a trading company registered in Hong Kong since 2010 with an Office in Hong Kong.

To implement our trading platform, we have an 18,000 sq. ft. Export Exhibition Center and Showroom; Offices, staff and facilities; and warehousing operations located in Meishan Ningbo China. Additionally, we have an Internet platform focussed on selling high quality "made in the USA" goods and services to the Chinese consumer.

As a Trading Company in China our sole purpose is to bring "USA made" goods and services to the market in China.

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Unique focus and approach

As imports to China increase across the board, we are the only USA owned and headquartered Company of its kind operating in China that solely focuses on providing "USA made" goods and services to the China market. Additionally, we are the only company of its kind in a joint effort and with the support of the local government in China to increase "USA made" exports to China.